Saturday, July 31, 2010

I spoke too soon

Okay, I may be 2 for 3 on the cars, but my car is really taking a beating. Today, the A/C condenser got holed (yes, I mean holed) on the drive on I-25 today. A part from the trailer hitch on a Dodge pickup nailed a 1 inch diameter hole in it. Sheesh! I'm hoping my string of bad luck on cars ends *NOW*!

Any way, I promise to have good pictures of all the improvements I (read: Mr. K) have made recently on this Sunday's post. Saturday is shot, as both kids' teams wrap up their season and we have trophy/award/picture presentations as well as end of season parties . . .

Not enough hours in the day to get done what I need to! Do you feel the same?



  1. Wow! You and cars do not have your karma in sinc. Sounds like the home improvement is clicking along for you though. Looking forward to seeing the pics. I actually got half a wall painted in my own house and feel this has at least gotten the ball rolling and this room WILL be painted by the end of August. Maybe getting son #2 off to his 2nd year of college will give me the kick I need to get out of my scrapping studio and into home improvement. (shhhhhhhhh......I like art much better)

  2. @Rachel-Good for you! As you well know, every project starts with one step forward LOL. I was kind of dragging my feet on the current project so I could get the last 3 weeks of summer in for the kids. I will have three (count them, three) uninterrupted hours with which to make progress on my growing list of Things To Do. We'll keep each other posted!