Monday, September 13, 2010

I *LOVE* it! (but hubby doesn't)

No, it's not something I've done, just something I just saw in a magazine. Dwell, to be exact. A wonderful magazine, but it also tends to be just a little bit modern/minimalist for my regular gal tastes. But, I caught sight of something that I will have to have one day.

I was cruising through their latest issue and gaping in amazement at these families that live in unnaturally clean, uncluttered houses when I came upon an advertisement for Woolly Pocket. It featured this fabulous array of plants just hanging on the wall, VERTICALLY! Well, now I've got my blank space in my newly painted living room taken care of - NOT.

I showed the ad to hubby, all breathless and giddy and he says, "What? The couch?"


I looked at the ad. Yes, there was a couch pictured but it is a 60's mod-style that isn't my taste at all.

"No! Can't you guess what I like in that picture?" to which I received a glare and a "I'm not going to play guessing games with the whole page. Just tell me."

I pointed with great vim and vigor to the sculpture of lush greenery and said, "That! Isn't it fabulous?"


Hmmm. Not the response I was looking for. This may have to wait for our next house when I get some sort of hobby/craft/office room to myself .

I couldn't find the ad picture in the magazine that started all th
is, but feast your eyes on this use:
Seriously? What's not to love about fresh produce that not only gives you something to fix for dinner but also looks good AND keeps your air smelling like a garden? NOTHING!
This is a little more similar to the type of use that set my heart afire:

Granted, my house is a 'leetle' less on the avant garde decor (okay, LOTS less, but I digress), but doesn't that wall of plants just look divine? I knew you'd like it!

Has anyone out there had any experience with this type of product? Or, have you had the desire to do something like this but didn't know you could? I'd love to hear your incorporating plants into your house stories!




  1. Ok, if I had that in my kitchen I am sure it would get bugs in it! :)

  2. @Ali - surely not! Unless you bring in a plant that has those little irritating gnats buzzing around to spread through it. I just love the idea of nipping over to the wall and grabbing some fresh basil and oregano for some homemade spaghetti sauce . . . I'll let you know when it's reality (and invite you over for some sauce).