Friday, June 18, 2010

It's only the beginning

Okay, I'll try for two posts today (yeah, right). I broke down and took a picture of the ugly, in-between stage of the partially painted wall.

I think I might title this picture 'Anticipation.'

Usually I at least finish to the edges, but I was so pooped and didn't feel like dragging in the ladder to reach the very top. That, and the kids finally got on my last nerve with a screaming argument, so we all took a break and went shopping for my son's friend's birthday present.

We then dropped by the local park for some fresh air and change of scenery, complete with other kiddos to divert mine's attention from each other (whew)! I sat at the picnic benches with some tiling and painting books I'd picked up at the local library (who, me, slack?).

Which reminds me: I have always used my library as my 'browsing' function for getting to look at many books before I decide that I can't live without them on my shelf. Yes, Mom, I actually do
decide NOT to buy some books (she knows how many bookshelves exist in my house). By the same token, our changing things up a bit will allow us to make the secondary living room a library of sorts and I'm going to move all our bookshelves into that room. But that's a later project, or at least after this one!

More later . . .


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