Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nifty website for original decorating

I feel the need to share with you a website I found from a design book. For a while, we've been getting Dwell magazine. It's not something Mr. K or I ordered and it really is a mystery as to why we receive it. Maybe my Mother-in-law sent it (but this isn't really her taste or modus operandi); who knows.

Anyway, while looking through it and gazing at all the wonderful pictures and ads, I came across this ad for modern, digital canvases. The company, md-canvas, offers a wide variety of artwork that you can have printed in three different sizes to fit your design space. 'Incredibly nifty!' I thought.

After browsing their artwork, nothing really zapped me for the space I have in mind. I did, however, have a photo I took and adjusted with Adobe Photoshop Elements to look like a watercolor painting that I though would look fantastic printed like a painting on canvas and maybe framed.

Here's the shot:

And before you either break out in wild, raucous laughter or call the local insane asylum, let me explain. The original photo (if you couldn't tell) was of some exposed roots beside a trail we hiked along this past Father's Day close to my in-laws place in the mountains. I like the cragginess of them and I thought the colors would look good in my new living room (you know, the deep chocolate of my couches tied with the warm, orange-y tan of my walls), hence a picture of roots. Just be glad it's my living room and not yours. Also, I envisioned this being a fairly large print so you get the watercolor-esque detail.

Soooo, lo and behold, I find that md-canvas has a subsidiary that does custom canvas printing from your own, original artwork (or photo, etc.): Photo2canvas!

I'm in heaven! Now, to quit spending money on the silly renovation part of the room and start investing in making it look WOW! Photo2canvas has the same sizes as md-canvas and at what I thought were very reasonable rates.

Do you have a nifty design website/store/etc. find that you'd like to share? Please do!

And I promise, more photos tomorrow, since I should be almost finished with my carpet repair work!


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