Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wow! I'm already behind (sheesh)

My apologies to everyone. I know it's bad form to start a blog and immediately start slacking on it. But, I did mention that I had numerous projects on my plate (I did, didn't I?) and I'm trying to document as I go (insert canned laughter here).

Spent most of today okay all of today working on my front living room of my house. It was a disaster area and a study in squalor. I have managed to box up most of my hobby stuff (mainly scrapbooking, beading and sewing) and move it into the basement. It's not set up there for work yet, but my priority is to have the main living area of my house lovely so that I might entertain guests without having to ply them with liquor so they don't notice how it looks. Many thanks to Mr. Kellacious and my son to their hard work on getting my 3' x 6' desk into the basement from that front room.

So, in the next few days I'm going to treat you to a blow by blow of the transformation of that room.

Prepare to be flabbergasted!


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