Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My fun-filled day

I have to be amazed at what I got done today - for me, at least.

1. Rented the Rug Doctor,
2. Turned in used inkjet cartridges
3. Returned the loaner car to the dealer and got mine back
4. Got cleaning supplies from Target
5. Cleaned the front room carpet
6. Fed the kids and I lunch
7. Dropped them off to their play date
8. Got my hair colored and cut and traded in my 80s do for a more modern style
9. Picked up kids
10. Went to T-ball practice for the youngest
11. Ate a late dinner out
12. Went to Ulta to get the requisite tools for my new do
13. Came home and sat down!

Knowing that the car dealer and my hair stylist are both halfway across town (and on opposite ends, mind you), I did a heck of a lot of traveling today!

I'm still on track for getting my front room painted by Friday (Mr. Kellacious's deadline) so I can put the furniture into the room and out of the overly crowded current living room it's all residing in. I can put up with it if I know it's temporary . . . but I'm going to really kick it in tomorrow so we'll all be happier when it's finished!

Thanks for checking in with me and I hope you all had an equally productive day today!


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