Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wishful thinking

I spent some of this weekend wishing I could get into the room to paint, but to no avail.

Massive amounts of time spent at ballparks for Little League/T-ball games and a Sunday spent at my in-laws mean a Monday of painting for me! I enjoyed all my 'away from painting' activities and got some good pictures to scrapbook when that portion of my renovation is finished: Yeah!

I did pick up another gallon of paint so I can at least finish the room. I will be smart and wait to do the up high stuff when Mr. K gets home so there's someone who can scrape me off the floor if I mess up and fall (fingers crossed that this doesn't happen).

My sincere apologies who thought I really going to get progress done - this is my last backsliding, I swear!

See you tomorrow night with some great pics!


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