Monday, June 14, 2010

A little room history and current standing

So I spent much of today removing what I could from the front living room and shredding unimaginable amounts of old documentation. I *will* be better about culling old documents from here on out, I promise!
So, here's a reasonable approximation of what the room looked like for the past 5 years or so:

And another angle:Of course, my close friends know it hasn't looked this organized or clean since this picture was taken in 2006 (sigh). I'm the messy creative type and it's just a really bad idea to have that be the first room in your house any visitors see.

Here's an interim photo from late last night.

As it sits right now:

Aaaand from the flip side:

Please disregard the carpeting that is shot. I'm going to Rug Doctor it to the best of my ability and we're going for hardwood when the money's available. You'll know when that happens because you'll hear the 'thunk' from me fainting with joy.

So there you have it: the very definition of WIP (Work In Progress, for you unitiated).

What projects have you begun this season? Share with me in the comments section, PLEASE!


  1. I love home improvements! No matter how small or huge the project is. Going into Home Improvement stores is like going into a craft store! I go crazy and can spend loads of money in there.

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  3. C*A*T*H*Y, my challenge is not biting off more than I can chew at once. Any tips from you on that?